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Professors know immediately when a student is falling behind, which leads to an earlier intervention and a higher retention rate.



Administrators can have confidence that their Professors are running a credible Field Experience Program. Tracking is effective, reporting is comprehensive, and the benefit to the Student is real.

Google Maps Integration allows precise tracking only in the geofence.

Students can feel safe that their location is protected with delayed reporting.

The app only tracks your device in the designated field placement location.

Only the professor of the course has access to the data.

When the course ends, the tracking ends.

This was a very easy way to document the hours I spent at the school without having to use paper and pencil. It also allowed my professor the ability to check in to make sure I was actually completing my field experience and she was able to see exactly how many hours I received.

Kaitlynne (app store review)

I love this app! It tracks all of the times automatically so you never have to remember to log your hours.

Mallory (app store review)

This app was very helpful and reallly helped me keep up with my time and keep track of my hours!

Corbie (app store review)

This is an extremely valuable tool to track my students' field experience hours. I can easily check in to see how many hours they have accumulated. Students can also see their hours to keep themselves on track. At the end of the semester, I can print a report for documentation. Highly recommend!

Dr. Daphne Poore (Newberry College)

Connect to your Surfboard Field Experience account on all of your devices wherever and whenever you want. Available for free on Android, iPad, and iPhone.

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